Students Host Giving Day Campaign to Support Roadrunner Student Emergency Fund


道尔顿状态’s Student Government Association (SGA) demonstrated what it means to Lead Boldly when the group hosted a fundraiser in support of the Roadrunner Student Emergency Fund. The campaign was a success, resulting in $161 raised in thirty minutes.

The Roadrunner Student Emergency Fund is one of this year’s Giving Day priorities. The fund supports students who are experiencing a severe financial need. Examples include emergency medical bills, overdue utility bills reaching a disconnect notice and homelessness. Funds will be used to support students through these difficult times and help mitigate a negative impact on the student’s academic success.

“What an honor and privilege it is to support my fellow students with the donation to the Roadrunner Student Emergency Fund. This money directly supports students who are in need, and I cannot think of any better way to help,” said Mackenzie Manley, 道尔顿状态 SGA president. “Giving day is an amazing opportunity to help progress the college in a multitude of areas, and I encourage all those who are able to join in support of a college that has given so much to me, and many other students like me!”

SGA hosted a Pie in the Face Fundraiser where students could pay $3 to pie participants, including SGA executive members, 教师, staff and students in the face. All proceeds went to the Roadrunner Student Emergency Fund.

“Giving day is a great way to serve our campus community and raise funds for students to have access to services, experiences and emergency funds as they further their education and college experience,亚历克斯·史密斯说, 道尔顿状态 SGA executive assistant. “Being pied in the face to raise funds for the Roadrunner Student Emergency Fund was a super fun experience, and I’m so thankful to be a small portion of helping fellow students continue their college experience.”

Giving Day is tomorrow, Oct. 19. The Student Roadrunner Emergency Fund is one of nine Giving Day priorities. You can participate in Giving Day by giving online at or by calling the 道尔顿状态 Foundation at 706-272-4473.